Easy Wood Projects

Easy Wood Projects

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The 11 Handiest Ways to Use a Hot Glue Gun <--click for more

A hot glue gun may be a crafter's best friend, but it is also an underrated tool for quick and easy home fixes. While glue guns come in a range of sizes, from tiny to industrial, they all share one quality: They work fast. Other types of glue adhesive may take minutes or hours to set properly, hot melt adhesives bond in under a minute, for a firm yet flexible hold. We've discovered the most ingenious-and helpful-household uses for your hot glue gun, from making surfaces slip-free to creating no-sew window shades. So read on and get gluing!

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The future in reclaimed wood <--click for more

You've heard of a phoenix rising from the ashes. But brothers Matt and Ben Hobbs, with Matt's wife Shayna, rose from dust and wood shavings to launch Sons of Sawdust. After personal loss, injury, and distress, the three started a small, handmade furniture company in Athens, Georgia, using only salvaged, 100+ year-old wood. What they're able to create from the deconstructed floors and walls of old school houses and train depots is nothing short of remarkable. But it's the family tradition and heritage behind their craft that keeps them going.

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New Cable-Based Vise Improves Woodworking Workshop <--click for more

We are all aware of the typical wood shop vice, the type that is mounted underneath the workbench and takes forever to open and close by continuously spinning a large handle. These vises normally only open several inches due to the length of the operating screw. They are also not very wide because a cantilevered wide jaw would provide less force the further away it is from the center-mounted operating screw.

Cable ViseWood worker [Andrew] wanted a very versatile and large vise for his shop. It needed to be wide, provide equal clamping force along the jaw and be able to hold very thick objects as well. One more thing, he wanted it to have a quick release clamping system so there would be none of that continuous handle spinning nonsense.

Spoiler Alert: [Andrew] did it! The end product is great but the interesting part is the journey he had taken along the way. There were 4 revisions to the design, each one making the vise just a bit better.

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Workshop Makeover Giveaway <--click for more

Popular Woodworking is giving away a big prize pack to outfit your garage or shop in their Workshop Makeover Giveaway. The $11,000 grand prize includes a variety of power tools, clamps, cleanup items, and more.

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8 Ways to Reuse Old Wood Crates and Pallets <--click for more

From your backyard to your local home improvement store, wood crates, containers, and pallets can be found. (You may even have some leftover scraps from a past project!) Don't let these unwanted pieces get left behind, turn your wood crates and pallets into a new piece of furniture, shelf, or storage solution.

The editors of Porch.com have piled up a few of their favorite DIY wood projects that rescue old wood with a few nails, coats of paint, and a lot of creativity. Plus, if you like these projects, be sure to check out Porch's Blogger Community where you can find hundreds of fantastic bloggers with great DIY ideas.

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Reclaimed Wood Projects <--click for more

Furniture, accent walls, mantels, beams, floors and doors -- it seems one can use recycled antique wood to make just about anything. Because reclaimed wood is carefully salvaged from older structures that no longer serve a purpose, such as old barns and mills, and processed to remove metal, insects, and mold, it can cost a little more than new lumber.

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Making Skills <--click for more

Summer is often a great time to tackle your do-it-yourself and "making" projects. But between summertime travel, social commitments and long hours at the office, carving out time to "make" can be challenging.

This Labor Day weekend, the Craftsman brand will host its first-ever MAKEcation -- an adventure where "making" takes center stage. Below are essential tips from the MAKEcation instructors to help you maximize your time on DIY projects and making.

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Easy Wood Projects <--click for more

Many people are interested in woodworking. Other than finding the time to get started, folks seem to be intimidated about starting such a seemingly complicated hobby. But this is where woodworking plans for beginners can help. These types of plans are usually more basic than intermediate or advanced woodworking ideas. You might find yourself starting with a basic chest or cigar box or perhaps a footlocker for storing extra clothes. There are lots of plans available on the Internet, and you can purchase a CD with thousands of plans on it. But if you just want to get started, the first thing you should do is learn the basics. You'll need to know about sanding, gluing, types of wood, and the equipment you'll need to cut and put pieces together. Don't even think of buying expensive tools. Most basic projects require a simple set of tools that you can purchase at your local Home Depot or Lowe's for less than $100.

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